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Difference Between Hits And Kudos In AO3

AO3 (Archive of Our Own) is a website for fanfictions novels, short stories, and poetry. It was founded on 2009 by Organization for Transformative Works (OTW). As of August 2023, AO3 hosted 9,700,000 works in over 51,630 fandoms. It is used by a lot of people around the world for posting novels and stories. The AO3 site is made with ruby programming language. AO3 cares for both the readers as well as the writers.

AO3 is very useful and addictive. Once you start using AO3, you will not need any other repository.  The thing that makes A03 special from other sites is that it is a non-profit organisation. AO3 values its writers. AO3 can be defined as an archive and not an online community. You can use A03 to search for particular authors’ work. In order to create an AO3 account, the user needs an invitation. You can receive an invitation from our automated queue system.

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Difference Between Hits And Kudos

Hits is the number of times a work has been accessed by the users. Hits are counted whenever a person visits work in A03, even if it is for a second. According To AO3, More than one visit from the same Internet Protocol address(IP address) will not be counted as a hit. Changing between chapters will also not be counted as a hit. Visiting or reading our own work is also not counted as a hit.

hits and kudos

Kudos is basically like a voting system. If you like the piece of work, you can give kudos to the work. The kudos button is located at the bottom of the page. You will need to have an account to give kudos. You can give kudos to every work in a series, as they are separate works, but you can’t leave kudos on each chapter of the work.

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