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Rice Wallet Airdrop

Rice Wallet is a decentralized type of wallet, where the customer owns its private keys. Rice wallet helps you store, and manage all your crypto investments from an app with the best user experience possible.

Rice wallet is somewhat similar to that of trust wallet. Trust wallet also had a similar airdrop. It gave users 100 TWT token, which reached the price of $165 at all-time high. I had referred many users during this period and got nearly $2000 worth of TWT tokens. So I recommend you to participate in the rice wallet airdrop.

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Uses of Rice Token

  •  Governance tokens of Rice Wallet
  •  For affiliate and bounty rewards
  •  Discounts trading fees, loan interest, and pay network fees
  •  The foundation of the RICE Finance Ecosystem 
  • Vouching and User reputation

How To Signup On Rice Wallet

  • After downloading, click on create wallet.
Signup On Rice Wallet
  • Now type a name for your wallet and click on next.
Rice Wallet name
  • Now you will get an option to back up your wallet key phrase. This key phrase is very important for restoring your wallet.
  • Hence, I recommend you write it down somewhere carefully. If you don’t want to back up now, you can click tick button and click on later.
  • Your wallet is ready, now go to the settings tab and click on referral tab.
  • Click on “Who invited you” and apply referral code KZCBX2QQ to get sign up bonus.
Rice Wallet referral code

Start referring to earn rice tokens. I think this is a huge opportunity to earn rice token as this wallet will get a lot of users in the coming months and price of the token will surely go up. I recommend you to hold this token for a while as the price will surely go up in the near future just like TWT.

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